Recap of the election yesterday.

Yesterday I was an election judge for the primary elections. My boss had me take the laptop computer with me so that I could still log in to the office and help him. During a 13 hour day we saw 33 people come in to vote so the interruptions from the office were no big deal. No just some statistics to bore you with.

9.4% of the district voted.
26% of those voting are either delegates or election judges or their spouses.
7 hours of my day was spent doing work related things
1 hour was spent doing election related things.
Based on my election pay per hour – I made $50 per hour.
Based on hourly work, the election cost the taxpayers – $175 per hour
Based on voter turnout, the election cost the taxpayers $5.30 per voter.
If we had to pay the rental on the electronic machines instead of just the punch card machines which the county owns, the election would have cost $25.30 per voter.
90.6% of the people in the district are paying the money for the other people to vote for them.

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