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7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Publish a book
Do a speaking tour
Finish 6 of the Mira Queens
Visit Africa and Asia
Get a Masters or Doctorate
Have a girlfriend’s weekend with my 10 sisters by another mother
Ride the Carousel in Carson County, Colorado

7 Things I can do:
Read Fast
Remember more than I want
Mask and paint a room
Hit the bullseye with a rifle and pistol at various distances
Design stitched Christmas ornaments
Learn quickly
Speak in public

7 Things I cannot do:
Deny my faith in God
Fail to defend my friends when they are attacked.
Write my name in the snow with fresh urine.
Have a normal reaction to anesthesia
Associate with whiny, complaining people
Accept negativity into my life

7 Things that attract me to another person:
Decent language
Positive attitude
A smile
An appreciation of the ridiculous
A core of beliefs to which they are faithful – their beliefs don’t have to coincide with mine, they just have to stand by them.

7 Celebrity crushes:
Sean Connery
Kirk Douglas
Johnny Depp
Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart
(yes, I’m a fan of old movies.)
And my teenage crush was John Schneider

7 Things I say the most:
Just so you know…
Didn’t we cover this before?
Is your homework done?
Have you practiced?
This is Stasha, how may I help you?
And which priority is less important today?

7 Bloggers I will tag:

And 2 non bloggers by email….

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