I’m already starting to hear conspiracy theories about Katrina and Rita and Rita hasn’t even hit landfall in the Gulf as I’m writing this.
Snopes even has a section on Hurricane Katrina. That’s how fast the email accusations have been spread.
I’ve heard that Katrina is God’s wrath for Southern Decadence day – I did find the official website for Southern Decadence which states that most of their activities are located in the French Quarter. From what I’ve heard, that area was the least damaged. So if it was really to prevent Southern Decadence (Gay Mardi Gras) why not hit the area where it was going to occur?
The rumor I heard on NPR on the way home is that the levees weren’t built properly and it wasn’t flooding that caused the problem but a collapse down lower in the levee.
Oh, I’m already seeing the rumors there….It was terrorists (Snopes says false on that one).
I’ve already heard that it was the KKK who created the holes so that the black areas would drown and the city could be rebuilt as an all white city.
I’ve heard it was the Bush administration so that Halliburton would have another big infrastructure contract.
My favorite so far though it that both Katrina and Rita are government created hurricanes meant to drive black people from their homes. I didn’t think that anyone could possibly believe that sort of drivel until I heard a woman on the television today complaining that the government shouldn’t be letting President Bush send Hurricane Rita after the evacuees.
If you’ll believe that President Bush controls the weather, well, when the big one hits, I’ll have oceanfront property in Utah to sell you.

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