When my husband took Akido, the sensei was also an Avatar. He gave me books to read during the time my husband was in class. I remember one book talking about how I am the only person in the universe and everyone else is just a construct I create in order to make my life better or worse. Now while I can’t agree that everyone is a figment of my imagination, I can agree with the concept that we control the way we react to situations around us. We can act as if it’s all about us (because we are the centers of our own universe) or we can divert the focus to ideas, causes or other people that we espouse and admire.
For those to whom it’s always about them, may I suggest that they start a change by refocusing; accepting that the positive things that happen as being about them and passing the negative things off as being about someone else? It’s amazing how when one starts doing that, good things start entering your life and many of the bad things leave. In doing this too, one starts realizing that it may not be all about you after all.
I find it so amazing that when people think it’s all about them, even the most innocuous comment becomes an insult. People start looking for hidden meanings; we start picking up nuances that the original author never intended. We start limiting the circles of friends that other people have to those of which we are aware. Since we tend to relate other people’s behaviours to our own, someone who denies that others have relationships outside the Internet is admitting that they live their lives in the box.
One of the things I’ve been observing lately in the stitching community is a woman who insists that a popular person is continually attacking her. In fact, the popular person doesn’t really even think about the first woman until people email and ask “so was this about her?” The answer is usually “No.” but the woman with the persecution complex just won’t believe it. The funny thing is that the woman with the persecution complex has been proactive in creating a board and banning people from posting on it. Strangely enough, one of the women she banned has no clue why she is banned but, it’s really not worth the time to find out why. As the board members admit, they lead boring lives and talk about boring things. Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m even spending this much time thinking about it, let alone writing about it. I’ll admit that I’m vain enough to assume that they would have proactively banned me too, so I posted once under an alternative user name and then got accused of hiding behind a pseudonym. My fault; I just assumed that if the Princess were banned, the Goddess would be too.
Anyway this is enough time wasted on the topic. Hopefully, now that it’s out of my head and onto the screen, it will just go away.

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  1. WhizGidget

     /  September 21, 2005

    So I hear you get to happy dance now because you’re banned from the Fellowship of the Floss?

  2. Sandy

     /  September 23, 2005

    just leave her alone already!

  3. Linda

     /  October 4, 2005

    I think your post is very immature. If we are all adults, why don’t we act like that and stop arguing and throwing punches like highschoolers? I don’t EVER see any posts on that board about anyone of you.

  4. Stasha

     /  October 5, 2005

    Funny, I see stuff all the time in her blog about how persecuted she is when the original post she’s complaining of was never about her in the first place. That’s what I’m upset about. I’ll admit this post is about her but nothing else I’ve ever written before or since is although given her persecution complex she’ll now take everything I ever write as a slam against her.


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